среда, 19 марта 2008 г.

Recession, and stock market PIFy - kriziz, ie PE complete. Report for three months

То же самое но на русском
Рецессия, ПИФы и фондовый рынок - кризиз, т.е. полный пэ. Отчет за три месяца
Already wrote about and recession, and about PIFy, and about the stock market. To my deep regret, and the market continues to fall on March 19, we find the following losses indices for countries in the beginning of the year. Uderzhalos only 4 countries Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Thailand. They are plus. The leader of last year - China (in which I lost a lot of money vkolotil splashes 38.6%! India, in which I also invested 31.1%! In short, I almost trance. Credit and no one gives. Couple million I would like now. I I would prikupil leaders would fall.

Regional funds since the beginning of the year
India stocks -31.1%
U.S. stocks -4.8%
European stocks -8.8%
Japanese stocks -15.3%
Brazil stocks -1.8%
China stocks -38.6%
Mexican stocks 6.7%
South African stocks -11.0%
Stocks Australia and New Zealand -7.5%
Canadian stocks -2.3%
Malaysian stocks -15.6%
Taiwan stocks -3.1%
South Korean stocks -27.7%
Eastern European stocks -15.7%
Israeli stocks -8.1%
Turkey stocks -30.1%
Chile stocks 2.7%
Argentine stocks 3.2%
Thai stocks 3.6%
Indonesian stocks -21.3%

Despite the loss is not going to bother - PIFy investments (mutual funds) is not the only source of profits. There are also online shopping, online advertising, blogs and other trehomuden. A loss there every ...
Yes invited to the opening of Audi showroom. His wife prismotrela new TT. 2 million but I do not like the one just to drive to work. On the other hand, it wheelbarrows purely for pick-up

Here's to Audi Q7. But on the other hand, too, need to horseradish once a week to use it. I watched Honda CDR also as a second car in the family. Plastic in the cabin frankly do not like. From Honda, I waited more.